Pure Air captured in UNESCO protected nature areas in Andorra.

Andorra is home to a natural bounty – right from its pristine lakes and rivers to its forests and mountains. Thanks to its rich biodiversity, UNESCO-protected areas, and an abundance of natural elements, our country boasts of some of the purest air in the world.

High-quality pure air cans with unmatched Andorran authenticity.

Bottled with utmost care and precision at different strategic locations across Andorra, our cans of pure air leverage our proprietary technology to deliver an unmatched burst of freshness, divinity, and romanticism in every breath.

Pure air captured in UNESCO natural protected areas in Andorra.

160 inhalations
6.5 Liters

Pure air captured in the World Biosphere Reserve of Ordino, Andorra.

130 inhalations
5.2 Liters

EA® technology.

Our technology is compliant with the EN12021 regulation, among others. Besides that, leading third-party agencies certify the EA® canned air. At our production process, the air is analysed prior capturing, to get the best quality air, and after bottling, to ensure there has been no pollution in the process.