“High-quality pure air cans with unmatched Andorran authenticity and excellence that others can just dream of.”
Andorra is nature


What makes EA® unique 

Andorra is home to a natural bounty – right from its pristine lakes and rivers to its forests and mountains. Thanks to its rich biodiversity, UNESCO-protected areas, and an abundance of natural elements, our country boasts of some of the purest air in the world. And it’s this air that we pack in our pure air cans to make it available to anyone in need of a fresh and refreshing breath of air. But what makes our cans of pure air unique?

But what makes our cans of pure air unique?

  • Captured across strategic locations in Andorra, including the Ordino Biosphere Reserve 
  • Packed with utmost precision to preserve the natural freshness and purity
  • Lightweight and portable cans of pure air for ease of use
  • An honest product backed by modern technology
  • Customer-centric service
  • Quick, hassle-free delivery