The Ordino Biosphere Reserve is positioned in Andorra’s north, on the eastern Pyrenees’ central axis. UNESCO has declared the parish of Ordino a Biosphere Reserve. This status recognises regions where economic activities and the conservation of natural heritage coexist with the region’s sustainable development. With a total surface area of 8,473 hectares (of which 1,080 hectares form its core area), the Ordino Biosphere Reserve plays home to the region’s biological diversity.


The landscape of this biosphere reserve has been shaped by conventional agriculture and herding. Large sections of it are dominated by forests of fir, Scots pine, hook pine, and sessile oak. Ordino is home to the bearded vulture, great Tétras of the Pyrenees, Lepidoptera (butterflies), and the Pyrenees lizard.


Ordino’s landscape is varied as you’ll get to see lush green meadows with dense floral vegetation as well as snow-covered mountain peaks. Due to its natural bounty, Ordino lets you breathe in the best quality pure air of Andorra. If you have been yearning to fill your lungs with some of the world’s cleanest, freshest, and purest air, this biosphere reserve is where you should head to.

Ordino is a hotspot for tourists visiting Andorra. Thousands of tourists come to Ordino annually to indulge in outdoor sports like hiking and skiing while taking in the ecological variety on offer. Since tourism has been the primary driving force of the nation’s economic development, Andorra puts a lot of emphasis on conserving its heritage and maintaining the quality of its natural environment. Thus, the goals of Ordino Biosphere Reserve is to promote sustainable forestry, agriculture, and farming as a means of preserving what traditionally has been the chief economic activities of this region.


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