Andorra is a natural treasure trove waiting for you to explore. Almost 90% of this nation is covered with stunning natural spaces. This lets you get closer to nature and soak its beauty to feel rejuvenated while breathing in the pure air of Andorra.

The Principality has three nature parks, namely the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, Comapedrosa Valley, and Sorteny Valley. The largest among these is the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers over 40,000 hectares of protected area. In all three nature parks, you’ll get to see the ecological prosperity of the Pyrenees, and experience how nature and the human race exist in a sustainable and perfectly balanced state.


When you talk about Andorra and its natural bounty, it isn’t just limited to its natural parks. Even beyond those parks, there are a lot of things the country has to offer in terms of its natural beauty. For instance, after the winter snow melts, Andorra’s magnificent high-mountain lakes like Juclà, Tristaina, Engolasters, Ensagents, etc. located in the deep valleys amidst the mountains, offer a treat for sore eyes. Their clear waters stand testimony to unmatched purity and bliss.


This landlocked country has the Pyrenean Mountains as its backdrop, whose rocky walls and snowy peaks visible well into the summer make for an enticing view. While Comapedrosa standing tall at 2,942 meters is the tallest peak, several other peaks like the Montmalús, the Casamanya, or the Pic del Estanyó are there too that are over 2,700 meters high. While expert mountaineers can target to reach the highest peak, their lesser experienced counterparts can take in the magnificent views from all around the mountainsides.


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