Our Air

The pure air of Andorra is one of the key reasons why it enjoys a high quality of life. The country enjoys optimum air quality 91% of the days throughout the year. You can check the air quality in real-time here. At the time of writing this post, the metric showed a regular index of 2/5, which is good.

Since over 90% of Andorra’s territory is made up of mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests, they contribute to one of the purest airs you will find in the world. And now, the high-quality air of this small ‘country in the mountains’ is brought to everyone across the world via EssentialAir. The company packs Andorran canned air in user-friendly spray bottles, thus making it portable and easy for anyone to breathe in the fresh air at any moment and feel transported to the blissful land of Andorra. 

Since breathing comes to us so naturally, we hardly focus on the air we breathe. Yet, due to rapidly rising air pollution levels across the world, people are getting increasingly exposed to the high concentration of pollutants present in the air. This not only makes your lungs work harder but even increases your vulnerability to health hazards triggered by poor air quality. Certain groups of people are more vulnerable to such health hazards, such as children and teenagers, people suffering from asthma, allergy, or any other lung disease, anyone above 65 years, and anyone having a history of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure who exercises or works outdoors. But don’t worry because we bring you good news.

Now, we have made it possible for you to break the shackles of breathing polluted air. And the best part? You wouldn’t even need to travel to Andorra as EssentialAir brings Andorran canned air to your doorsteps.

All you need to do is order your Andorran canned air and enjoy the refreshing feel once you get the cans in your hands and breathe in the extremely safe air, which is one of the purest varieties that you will get anywhere in the world.

Excited to enjoy your share of the famous canned air in Andorra?


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